25 things

1. My brain doesn't work the same way as most other people's brains; I am okay with that.
2. My ring fingers are longer than my index fingers.
3. I usually put my left shoe on before the right shoe.
4. I attended an all-black college on a minority grant for a year.
5. I have played bass for four different Elvis impersonators (so far).
6. I haven't ever watched a "Reality TV" show.
7. I have never seen "Titanic".
8. I am a packrat--I have trouble throwing things away.
9. I dream in color.
10. At age fifteen I always wore a stupid purple hat.
11. There is always music playing in my head. I used to write some of it down.
12. I haven't played D&D in twenty years. What the hell happened?
13. I like cats. I like cats a lot.
14. I attended college on the tenure plan, but it took thirteen.
15. I am right-handed, but I bat left-handed.
16. My oldest daughter almost got named Harley. We also considered Paige.
17. I often cry while watching movies.
18. I suck at Rock Band and Guitar Hero.
19. I got a rice steamer at a yard sale whose buttons are all labeled in Japanese. It makes great rice.
20. I regret not buying the pink flamingo hat.
21. I learned to play bass before I learned to play guitar.
22. I was at a Balticon that got so rowdy we were invited never to have the con at that hotel again; something about ‘fornicating in the stairwells’ upset the manager.
23. I once set a toaster on fire accidentally (flaming poptarts)
24. I once watched "The Lord of the Rings" (extended edition) in one sitting.
25. I'd like to live in an Earthship someday.


Haven't taken the quiz in a while. Results don't seem to be significantly different (although I can't find the record of the last set...might be in Freyaday's LJ)

1. Neo-Pagan (100%)
2. New Age (95%)
3. Unitarian Universalism (89%)
4. Liberal Quakers (87%)
5. Theravada Buddhism (80%)
6. Secular Humanism (80%)
7. Mahayana Buddhism (75%)
8. Taoism (73%)
9. Mainline to Liberal Christian Protestants (70%)
10. Orthodox Quaker (61%)
11. Reform Judaism (56%)
12. Scientology (53%)
13. Jainism (50%)
14. Nontheist (50%)
15. New Thought (49%)
16. Baha'i Faith (43%)
17. Christian Science (Church of Christ, Scientist) (43%)
18. Sikhism (39%)
19. Hinduism (36%)
20. Seventh Day Adventist (29%)
21. Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints (Mormons) (25%)
22. Orthodox Judaism (25%)
23. Mainline to Conservative Christian/Protestant (25%)
24. Islam (23%)
25. Eastern Orthodox (16%)
26. Roman Catholic (16%)
27. Jehovah's Witness (11%)
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Some Anniversaries Suck

I don't know which is the more accurate statement:

Wow! It's been three years already?


Wow! It's been only three years?

Life moves so quickly, especially when you are raising little kids. I have spent most of the evening reading through freyaday's journal. Here is some recommended reading for you:

Child of God

And if you are feeling really maudlin, or have no idea what the fuck I'm on about, read these:
Anniversary (a)
Anniversary (b)


Tristan und Isolde

See the Met up close and personal for only $22--and it's almost as good as being there! What a great idea! Next up is La Boheme on April 5th.

Here is the Liebestod from Tristan (tissues may be necessary):

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Blah, blah, blah.

Big Five Test Results
Extroversion (76%) high which suggests you are overly talkative, outgoing, sociable and interacting at the expense too often of developing your own individual interests and internally based identity.
Accommodation (56%) moderately high which suggests you are, at times, overly kind natured, trusting, and helpful at the expense of your own individual development (martyr complex).
Orderliness (30%) low which suggests you are overly flexible, random, scattered, and fun seeking at the expense too often of structure, reliability, work ethic, and long term accomplishment.
Emotional Stability (66%) moderately high which suggests you are relaxed, calm, secure, and optimistic.
Inquisitiveness (62%) moderately high which suggests you are intellectual, curious, imaginative but possibly not very practical.
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Ow! . . . Ow! Ow! Ow!

I should have posted this last night when we got back but we were too anxious to hit a hot bath with salts and jets and so on.

3 days.

60 miles.

No blisters, but boy do our legs hurt!

Waiting to start walking, Day One. 36 degrees. Full moon over banners and the crowd.

Sunrise over Southfork Ranch (site of the TV show 'Dallas'). Still waiting for things to begin.

2400 walkers, 300 volunteer crew to support us. Day one we walked 20 miles and then had to set up our tents. Here's the view from the door of our tent:

We should have more pictures when we get the film developed.

Monica and I raised roughly $4,500--many thanks to all of our friends and family. We won't be bothering you for money again until 2009. We're taking next year off to have a real vacation.

It was really amazing to take part in this. There were so many women with so many stories. There was an octogenarian; an old gentleman who had walked in every walk this year who was working on mile number 1,000; a woman in a wheelchair--with no handles--who did the 60 miles with just her arms (ow!); and two marines--one of whom walked the whole thing in combat boots with a full kit on. It was an honor to hobble across the finish line with these people.

Unfortunately, we had to duck out before the official closing ceremony because we had a plane to catch. The flight home was uneventful, but getting off the plane and out of the terminal was miserable--all of our muscles had tightened up while we sat on the plane. We looked pretty bad stumbling to the baggage claim, and then to the elevator (more stairs? no effing way!). The experience was worth it though--everything really became clear when the couple who rode down the elevator congratulated and thanked us for walking. She was a survivor herself.
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The Joys of Home Ownership

How I spent my Friday Night

So our downstairs toilet has been leaking a little into the basement with every flush. No big deal--a new wax ring and all will be well. I turned off the water and disconnected the water supply to the tank and removed as much water from the toilet as I could.

I had to hacksaw the bolts that secure the commode to the floor, because they were totally rusted. No problem. Finally removed the toilet and scraped away all of the old wax from the bottom of the commode and from the exposed plumbing.

New bolts are needed--it's 8:30pm, so the local place hsa closed. I just have to run to Home Depot in the pouring rain. The most annoying thing about I-65 is that it retains water. Just after I crossed the bridge into Indiana, a Semi traveling the opposite way threw a tsunami up over the jersey wall. It must have been a hundred gallons of water that slammed into the little Kia. I couldn't see a thing for two very terrifying seconds. Made it to Home Depot, got my bolts, returned home.

The exterior of the car is very clean.

The new wax ring goes on, re-install the commode--including the water supply. Turn on the water, wait for the tank to fill, then flush to test (monica502 is in the basement with a flashlight).

Monica gets a shower. Oh dear.

Disconnect the water supply, drain the water, detach the toilet and discover that the wax ring on the left side of the connection isn't sealing. Scrape wax from the other sides and fill in the left side. Re-attach the toilet and the water, fill the tank, test flush. No leaks. Hooray!

The flapper valve leaks a little. This also has been going on for a while. We'll pickup a replacement in the morning--we don't need to waste water.

Note for next time: place the wax ring on the floor, not on the commode (even though that isn't what the directions say to do; there are times one shouldn't follow the directions; this is one of them).

The Toilet Trauma Continues

After Friday Night nightmares involving Captain Underpants and the Terrible Talking Toilets, it's time to tackle the flapper valve and, as long as everything is opened up anyway, to replace the fill assembly. The fill valve swaps right out, but the new flapper doesn't fit in the old flush valve. Great. Now the flush valve assembly has to be replaced.

I removed the tank from the rest of the commode, peeled off the smooshed foam-like washer from the bottom (I have since learned that this is called a spud washer. Go figure). The old flush valve assembly comes right off, and I had to the hardware store to get a new one, along with a new spud washer. As long as I'm there, I figure I'll replace the bolts and washers that secure the tank to the toilet.

Rather than make a short story long, all of the replacement parts fit perfectly. Everything goes back together without incident, and the toilet in the first floor bathroom is like new.

For my next trick, I will rebuild and insulate the ceiling in the attic. Carrying drywall to the third floor is not going to be fun...